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Network Support for Existing Dial-up Servers

EduTech staff assisted nine schools who offer dial-up service in re-configuring their dial-up terminal servers. These servers are Cisco 2500 series routers that allow staff to dial-up to the school and access the local school network and STAGEnet. Each school received an instruction sheet followed by a phone appointment to walk the technology coordinator through the process. After configuring the units, the EduTech Network Analyst tested servers by dialing into each phone number that the school had and testing the connectivity.

Northeast ND School Improves Local Area Network (LAN)

A school in Northeast ND reported speed issues and network related lockups on their Macintosh computers at their Middle School. The EduTech Regional Information Technology Specialist found that the main backbones connecting the hubs were old coax cables. The servers were also on the same hubs as every other lab machine in the upstairs computer lab. After walking through, they also found the main wiring closets were within the 100 meter limit of CAT5 cable. The school decided to pull new cable to take the place of the coax backbone. Also, the main hubs in the closets and the computer lab have been replaced with network switches. The school had their Cisco class pull the cable for the main run. They have swapped out the hubs for switches and have noticed much better speed performance and workstation stability.

Managing STAGEnet

STAGEnet uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to centrally manage and automate the assignment of IP (Internet Protocol) configurations on the network. When using the Internet's set of protocols (TCP/IP), in order for a computer system to communicate to another computer system it needs a unique IP address. Without DHCP, the IP address must be entered manually at each computer system. DHCP lets a network administrator supervise and distribute IP addresses from a central point. The purpose of DHCP is to provide the automatic (dynamic) allocation of IP client configurations for a specific time period (called a lease period) and to eliminate the work necessary to administer a large IP network.


Powerschool is an enterprise student information system application for K-12 schools. The ITD and EduTech collaborate to provide this service. EduTech is responsible for the implementation, data conversion and training/support services while the ITD provides hardware services including security.

Many Powerschool clients have remarked on the exemplary support they have received from EduTech staff to help them through the inevitable issues that erupt when implementing a new application.

EduTech continues to implement PowerSchool to new districts at a rate of three districts per month.

Spam Filtering for K-12 E-mail Users

EduTech provides spam filtering for all sendit e-mail users. Spam filtering reduces the amount of spam mail that users receive. Spam is unwanted junk mail that often contains inappropriate text and images for K-12 students. The feature is on by default for all users. The service is provided at no cost to K-12 users.

Success Stories

In addition to the colleges, universities and tribal colleges there are now eleven K-12 school consortiums and fifteen NDSU Research Extension Centers located throughout the state.

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