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Success Stories

Cost Savings

Statewide License for Electric Library Represents 500% Savings

The Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) received an appropriation during the 2001-03 session to provide Electric Library to over four hundred K12, public and academic libraries. The statewide license represents a 500% savings based on the costs of individual site licenses.

Electric Library is an online collection of popular magazines and scholarly journals, newspapers and new wire services, television, radio and congressional transcriptions, photographs, maps and reference and historical resources. K-12 schools account for eighty-nine percent of the traffic to this resource.

Statewide Virus Protection for K-12 Results in Network Stability

The ND Education Technology Council and EduTech offer anti-virus software, support and definitions at no cost to schools to ensure STAGEnet is a stable and reliable network tool. Over 25,000 school computers are protected under this program. The statewide purchase provides a 60% savings off the regular educational discount.

Statewide Internet Filtering Meets Federal Law and Local Needs

In order for schools to be in compliance with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act, Internet content must be filtered to limit access to Internet sites containing material of pornographic, violent and illegal activities. EduTech provides and manages this service to all schools on STAGEnet. An internet filtering policy offers schools flexibility to bypass the filter for bona fide research or other lawful purposes. The statewide tool saves each district the costs of purchasing and maintaining their own filtering system.

Professional Development with No Travel Costs

An NDSU Crop Marketing Economist in Fargo taught an eight-session marketing program to students in Divide County. Videoconferencing technology saved the Fargo-based instructor about 100 hours in travel time, approximately $1,900 in vehicle expenses, lodging, and per diem.

Videoconferencing Offers Consistent Cost Savings on Travel

Public sector employees routinely tally hundreds of hours conducting day-to-day business by means of videoconferencing. The technology significantly reduces travel time and expense while increasing productivity.

Success Stories

Eureka and Bell are small schools in Northwest ND who qualify for a T1 internet connection under SB 2043 but do not need this level of bandwidth based on their small student population. The ITD and EduTech worked with these schools to provide an appropriate level of bandwidth at a more reasonable cost than a T1.

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